How Can Reflexology Help My Teen?

Hormone changes during the teenage years can often bring acne, mood swings, menstrual difficulties and headaches to name but a few.  In addition to this, children and teenagers are now under more pressure than ever to perform well and achieve. This places their physical, mental and emotional health under constant duress. Peer pressure and constant social media adds to these anxieties and more and more teens are being diagnosed with emotional disorders.  This can result in depression, concentration difficulties, mood swings, short attention span or lack of enthusiasm, for instance. This can also affect academic performance, social activities and enjoyment of hobbies.

Helping your teen manage and develop healthier stress coping strategies is essential.  Regular Reflexology sessions will benefit your child in a variety of ways - as well as treating specific ailments / conditions, the additional benefits each reflexology treatment brings are…

ª Inducing deep relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety levels

ª Improving quality of sleep and helping to promote a deeper and more regular sleep pattern

ª Rebalancing the Endocrine system and regulating hormonal imbalances

ª Strengthening of the immune system

ª Boosting of energy and improvement of general wellbeing

ª Stimulation of the lymphatics system – causing the body to eliminate toxins and waste

Teenage life gets stressful at certain times – e.g. exams, return to school or changes in family circumstances.  Treatments can therefore be pre-arranged to help calm and induce deep relaxation and reduce your teens stress levels.